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Are you starting up in iGaming? If so you've come to the right place to support you staring an online gambling business. Casino, Sportsbook, Lottery, Whitelabel all available.


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Launch an Online Casino

Our philosophy is different when it comes to launching a gambling business.

The market is full of providers competing for your business, offering a range of options - everyone with different pro's and con's.

We do not provide you with one product or service from one supplier. We provide you with a range of market wide options for you to pick, supporting you to ensure the optimal fit.

Starting a Gaming Site

Have our experts by your side from day 1, from as much, or as little as you need.

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With the customer able to initiate the payment from their own account, we know how important it is to have as many banks connected as possible.

This is why iGaming Core will only provide you with Open Banking solutions that have multiple banks connected, who are used by large numbers of current operators.
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Game Provider / Aggregators
Direct bank transfers are frequently prohibited by banks. However using iGaming Core to arrange your Open Banking, this is not going to be a concern.

Our entire infrastructure is built on years and years of knowledge, ensuring you only speak to the right people to faciliate C2B bank direct bank payments.
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No more waiting for your money. No more card processor hold backs or rolling reserves.

Open banking gives you instant access to your funds. As soon as a customer has deposited the funds will be available in your bank account. And whats more, we can arrange this bank account.
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Marketing / Affiliates
Chargebacks are a headache for any operator. It can cause your casino to lose a card processor, or force rates even higher processing rates.

With open banking, there are no chargebacks. You cannot lose your ability to accept payments so long as you remain compliant. The risk of a disgruntled player filing a fraudulent card claim is no more.
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Compliance and Regulatory
When you think how much card processors charge, open banking can be as low as 1-2%, including all elements of the payment initiation flow.

This makes the option vastly cheaper then many other payment methods. iGaming Core have so much experience within payments, we can tell you if you are paying too much in seconds.
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Getting Paid
The tech behind open banking is already integrated to our recommended gateways, and if you are using another gateway, chances are there are open banking providers within this too.

We know the market leaders, trusted, safe and secure providers whose tech has almost 0% downtime. We can have you up and running within just hours.

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