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With unbiased, industry wide contacts and partners, we provide access to the the best in class gateways, payment processors, or both, for you to scale up your site and maximise your customer deposits.


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Accepting payments from gaming

At iGaming Core we remove the hassle and uncertainty around accepting gaming related payments by offering you access to the entire gaming payment market. We understand the customer deposit process and provide a niche, tailored service to your specific gaming site.

Find an iGaming Payment Gateway

iGaming Core are partnered with the industry leading iGaming payment gateways.

These gateways are integrated with almost all the payment processors and alternative methods, suitable for iGaming firms with many license types.

At iGaming Core, we do not have our own gateway, we are unbiased. We simply give you the market leading options (and costs) and work with you to integrate the ideal solution for your site.

Find an iGaming Payment Processor

For any gaming site, you’ll need a processor to receive card payments, alternative payment methods or crypto.

This is where our expertise steps in, we have global knowledge and contacts. We won’t waste your time applying to multiple processors that will never accept your application. We know who will based on your licence, jurisdiction, target markets, payment volumes and currencies and other relevant factors.

Like all of iGaming Core, we have access to the whole market. We are not confined to individual processors, or individual integrations. We provide what you need from 300+ options.

Each processor will require a gambling friendly bank account (or payment account) to settle too, we can help you with this as well.

Find Both

Making sure the entire payment processing journey is smooth and fit for purpose for the player is vital. iGaming Core can arrange both a payment gateway and processor, with up-to-date integrations, direct contacts and minimising onboarding times and costs.

Industry Experience and Assessment

Are you curious if your current set up is the optimal solution?

Maybe your gateway does not have the latest processor integrations? Or you feel you are paying too much?

iGaming Core can provide you with some market comparable's and support you in adding extra options if required.

Payment Service Providers

Also known as merchant service providers or PSPs – they are third parties that help merchants accept payments.

How do PSPs work?

Route payments C2B seamlessly

Simply put, payment service providers enable merchants to accept credit and debit card payments or alternative payment options, by connecting them to the broader financial infrastructure.

In short, payment service providers work with acquiring banks (payment processors) or alternative payment providers to manage the entire transaction from start to finish.

  • First, the customer initiates payment and transaction details will be sent to the acquiring bank.
  • Details sent to the credit card network, sending the transaction details to the issuing bank (the bank that issues the card to your customer).
  • Following a decision whether or not to approve the transaction, the issuing bank passes the decision back to the credit card network, which passes it back to the acquiring bank.
  • Decision is passed back to the payment service provider, which shares the result with the customer and the merchant.
  • Payment is been authorised, issuing bank sends funds to credit card network, which passes back to acquiring bank to be deposited in the PSP’s merchant account.
PSP For the Win

Benefits of using a PSP

There are a number of benefits associated with PSPs and PSP payments. The most important one is; the customer will expect to see some reputable PSP options. Without reputable processors, your site will lose an element of credibility.

Furthermore, PSP payments can come from any number of channels. By accepting as many payment methods as possible, you can ensure that you aren’t turning away any potential customers, and thereby boost your deposits.

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Alternative Payment Method for Online Gambling

As the number of alternative payment methods grow, casino players have become accustomed to having a choice. Players have different preferred choices which varies country by country.

One payment method is not sufficient for any casino. To remain competitive given a range of options can help in being the difference of where a player chooses to deposit. This includes a vast variety of alternative payment methods, such as prepaid cards, e-wallets, mobile payments and buy now pay later options,

At iGaming Core, the Gateways we suggest are not restricted to purely card processing. They have integrations with the most popular global Alternative Payment Methods for online gambling.

Additionally, we make the introduction, and can even handle the entire application process to the alternative payment option processor.

Local Payment Methods

Local payment methods, especially in emerging markets are popular and an important part of the customer deposit.

Our job at iGaming Core is to ensure that you ideally have a range of options to pick from depending on the country you are targeting. Every country is different and therefore its important to quickly focus in on the option that will work for you, and your licence.

Our experience with global gaming can help save you countless hours on wasted applications and research, where we have the data and partners ready to go.

Card Processing
Not all PSPs provide card processing, which is an essential consideration for any online gaming business. Although alternative payment methods are still available, such as open banking and crypto payments, card payments remain the leading choice in the industry.

PSPs require a dedicated license for the card processing, so it is important to understand what services are available from each processor, such as VISA, Mastercard and Amex.

We help navigate the payment option available, while focusing attention to your card processing needs from day one.

Payment Gateways

A payment gateway facilitates a payment transaction by the transfer of information between a payment portal (such as a website, mobile phone or interactive voice response service) and the front end processor or acquiring bank.

The gateway is not directly involved in the money flow; typically it is a web server to which a merchant's website or POS system is connected. A payment gateway often connects several acquiring banks and payment methods under one system.

This option very often excludes the card processing, so it is very important to understand if this is suitable for your business.

At iGaming Core, we make sure all the options offered are crystal clear and our clients have the full picture of the pros and cons of each proposal and introductions. We are here to answer all questions you might have and find the right match for your business.

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